Monday, 5 December 2016

A video clip that caught my attention

Title of video: What the Fahrenheit?! Content of video: ~Fahrenheit was invented by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit ~Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit was a bookkeeper ~Daniel Fahrenheit met with the mayor of Copenhagen who happened to be the famous astronomer Ole Romer. I have learned from this video that none of the mixtures had a temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit.

About me

Hi, fellow classmates! My name is Hong Jie but you can call me HHJ.Some things I enjoy doing are playing badminton and reading. I not only enjoy playing badminton but I also enjoy rollerblading and bowling. I am that sort of person who enjoys talking to others during my free time and I also enjoy doing hands-on experiments. Not to mention, I take interest in Internet and Technology. That's all, I really hope you have enjoyed reading my post!